Stand Up Paddle Private Lessons

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is easy, but we want to ensure that with our instructor

guidance you get the technique down so that you have the proper injury free body

mechanics and most importantly have fun on the water!



We offer private or group SUP lessons with our experienced instructors for all levels from beginners to advanced.  Your instruction will include proper paddling techniques, board control and stance, water entry and balance, and water safety.

Your instructor will also cruise you through some of the hidden waterways and lagoons of the Manasquan River that offer the best views!

We will customize the lesson to your needs and will work on specific techniques to ensure that you are comfortable in the water and are ready to have some fun!


Private and Group Sessions


1 hr 15 min

includes all equipment


1 person                                       $65


2-3 people                   $50 per person


4-6 people                   $40 per person